For the very best selection in Beer

Now stocking 1/6 barrels Kegs of beer! A sixth barrel is equal to 5.15 gallons or 56 12-ounce beers.

Typical in-stock items include:

Budweiser, Southern Tier 2XIPA, Ballast Point Sculpin, Columbus IPA, Thirsty Dog Labrador Lager,  Stone IPA, Breckenridge Avalanche, Sam Adams Lager, Sam Adams Seasonal, Great Lakes Dortmunder, Great Lakes Seasonal, Shock Top, Blue Moon, Landshark, New Belgium Fat Tire, New Belgium Ranger, and more!

At World Wines we have kegs and equipment in stock for rental or purchase. We can also special order 1/6 barrel kegs with just a few days lead time.

Due to Ohio Department of Liquor Control law we cannot sell full 1/2 barrel kegs. These are only available through beer distributors. 1/6 barrels are a convenient and more accessible option.